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Limousines in the Willow Valley

Sebastian has already lived in places as unusual as Big Brother’s House, but he really is only in Dorothy. And really happy – when he takes the little bull.

Sebastian Florek grew up in Olsztyn. He grew up in a time when he dreamed of a career on television or at least in business. And most about working abroad. Sebastian was different. Because already, before graduation, he knew that he did not want to live in London or in New York. Not even in Warsaw. Only in the countryside.

– It is the influence of the father, professor at the Olsztyn Agricultural University, today’s University. He was not such a theoretical professor as he was in books. We had animals on the plot. Already at the time of communism, the father in the garden had three pigs, mink and coward. He taught me how to deal with them. Well, and I saw how much money was from selling a pig and how much of a father’s profession.

– Sebastian probably already in childhood understood that in the country starved man will not die – his mom jokes. – He spent his grandmother’s vacation. One day she got up early to prepare breakfast and his home was gone. She went out into the yard, looked, and Sebastian stuffed things into his mouth. “What are you doing there?” She asked. Sebastian swallowed. Grandma watches and he eats snails.
He was then three years old. And even though it’s just a family anecdote, it probably has in it a grain of truth.

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He prefers to mix bigos than in politics

Ten years ago, Sebastian Florek took part in Big Brother’s first edition. After a few months he was already home in the Countryside. He was a SLD deputy. Today he cultivates the land, has a willow plantation and runs an agritourism farm. Former MP had two sons: Maciek and Nicholas. One goes to primary school and the other to kindergarten.
Now in Willow Valley

To Florka is driving a gravel road. Almost a kilometer through the forest. When the man gets there, he regrets leaving. Willow Valley, because he called this place the host, soaked man silence, calm and charm. No wonder Florek says he does not intend to move anywhere. Why Willow Valley? “Because it’s a valley, and there are willows around,” he explains.

And the name was accepted. In the area the houses grow like mushrooms after the rain. And all the inhabitants say that they are from the Willow Valley.

Is not he lacking the big city bustle? Will not pull him to politics, to the Warsaw salons? Is there a lack of television cameras, a crowd of photojournalists? – At the village for politics? I do not go there anymore – he shakes his head.

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